Premium Garlic Press Kitchenware

Premium Garlic Press Kitchenware

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  • Have You Had Enough Of Those Terrible Quality Garlic & Veggie Slicers Yet? 

    Good. Because it's about time you stopped wasting your money on all those cheaply made gadgets. 

    We proudly present you with what you asked for - a good quality, actual cutting tool for your vegetables & fruit - The Sujeo Mini Garlic Press for Professional & home cooks! 

    Made To Last 

    Other similar products tend to break down during their first use. Not this one! 

    Blades of hardcore stainless steel & hard, heavy duty plastic were combined only to give you the finest HQ Garlic crusher on the market. 

    Durable, with sharp blades which may cut any soft vegetable or fruit you wish. From banana & kiwi pieces, to garlic, onion, peppers (just remember: place the larger pieces on the cutter-not the entire fruit or vegetable). 

    Exessive Cleaning Is In The Past 

    Forget all those hard to clean slicers with little pieces stuck on top. 

    The Sujeo multi-functional Dicer makes sure you are spared all the trouble, since it has an amazing inner-system to do that for you. When slicing, its clean out grid prevents food bits from entering the area. - After finishing your business just take it off, along with those annoying bits - All done! 

    You may also wash it in the dishwasher top shelf. 

    Slice It All 

    Surprise your guests, offering them little square salami snacks, or make a creative fruit salad, or even wonderful salad trimmings for your dinner. If all that does not satisfy your needs, we offer you an immediate replacement or Your Money back! 

    Go Get It Then - Add To Your Cart Now & Start Chopping!

  • YOU MAKE THE DECISION! This utensil gives you the choice. Would you prefer your Garlic sliced or diced? It's your choice. This Garlic Crusher does both.
  • EASY TO USE, STRENGTH NOT REQUIRED. Effortlessly cut through even the toughest garlic, fruit, or vegetable. Takes almost no effort to push down the top and - hey presto! - you've got sliced or diced garlic. One side slices, the other dices.
  • CLEAN-UP IS A BREEZE. Cleaning your Garlic Press is much easier than its traditional stainless steel cousin. No need to spend ages removing bits that are stuck in awkward places.
  • FITS WELL WITH OTHER UTENSILS IN YOUR KITCHEN. This is a neutral green and white color. It fits in your drawer. It really doesn't take up too much space.

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