7 in 1 Heat-resistant Colorful Nylon Cookware Set

7 in 1 Heat-resistant Colorful Nylon Cookware Set



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Heat-resistant Colorful Nylon Cookware Set is a high quality kitchen equipment that come with a rounded arch design, not easy to hurt the pot. It is a safety material, easy to clean, healthy and soft material that has fashion and bright colors. It is a non-slip and anti-hot handle, it's safe and also a high temperature resistant.


The Slotted Spatula is mainly use for stir-fry, using Slotted Spatula can filter the soup, convenient to separate dishes from soup, can be completely avoided scrapping non-stick pan. The Flat Spatula is mainly use for stir-fry, nylon spatula can be completely avoid scratches. The Soup Ladle has the spoon body apply arch design, fine in type and grinding, round smooth, not easy to hurt the pot, mainly uses in the soup pot to scoop the soup. The Colander is a spoon shape, and there are holes in the middle, mainly use for scooping food. The Spaghetti Server is mainly used for scooping Italian Spaghetti, noodles, rice noodles, eggs, separate egg yolk, scooping dumplings, wonton, stirring salad and so on. The Rice Spoon is mainly used for loading rice, scooping food.



  • Material: Nylon Kitchenware + TPR Handle
  • Color: Multicolored
  • Maximum Heat-resistant Temperature: 240°C / 464°F
  • Product Size: 
  • Slotted Spatula Length 319mm and Width 90mm; 
  • Rice Spoon Length 313mm and Width 69mm;
  • Flat Spatula Length 323mm and Width 49mm;
  • Spaghetti Server Length 298mm and Width 62mm; 
  • Colander Length 325mm and Width 71mm; 
  • Soup Ladle Length 300mm and Width 91mm; 
  • Kitchenware Rack Height 37cm; 
  • Socket Diameter13cm; 
  • Kitchenware Rack is detachable.

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