Simple Cake Decorating Techniques

Posted by Kelsey Springer on

Most people think the art of cake decorating is simply using icing, frosting and other edible decorative elements that enable plain cakes to be more visually attractive. However, today it has become more of an art form than you may realize.  Cake Decorating Techniques are so vast they have become a unique form of artistry. Creations can range from a single layered cake, decorated simply, to a multi-layered 3-dimensional creation, that is adorned with edible ribbons made of sugar. Decorations can then delve into more complex piping, fondant and other forms of creative practices.Decorating cakes can mark a special celebration such as a birthday,...

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The New Way To Sharp Edges On Cakes In Minutes

Posted by Bench Bookkeeping on

There's something so satisfying about watching someone decorate a cake, especially when the resulting masterpiece has razor-sharp edges like the pros. Think those picture-perfect edges are unattainable? Think again, because one brilliant tool is here to save the day, and it does so in the most mesmerizing way possible. The god-sent gadgets in the video below make it beyond easy to flawlessly smooth out your frosting, scraping away excess sugary spread and revealing clean, smooth sides.If you're a perfectionist when it comes to decorating cakes, these devices is a must-have in your baking arsenal. Watch the captivating video below for...

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10+ Totoro Cakes That Are Too Cute To Eat

Posted by Ian Weyenberg on

We love unique cakes!!! Totoro, everyone's favorite big, loveable forest spirit, is one of the best (and tastiest) ways to decorate a cake for any occasion – especially a birthday! This Japanese animated classic by Studio Ghibli reminds us to nurture our inner child, and there's no better way to do that than with a big slice of Totoro cake! The movie's big, round characters and clear colors make them excellent subjects for creative cake makers. Let us know which one looks the tastiest in the comments! (h/t: designtaxi) #1 Deliciously Yummy SydneyReport #2 Cakes by JadebutterflyReport #3   #4...

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